Group Menu

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The top portion with the options is for sit down individual meals.

There are twenty entrees listed in three different price groups, and you are welcome to choose from all three options. The price listed includes the entrée, non-alcoholic beverage (coffee, tea or soda) and tax. The number in parenthesis is a suggested tip to aid in collecting money from individuals in large groups. If choosing to do a pre-order all we ask is that we have the tallied food choices by 9am the morning of the party and the time in which you would like us to serve the food.

Helpful hints:

Collect money ahead of time. We will present groups larger then 10 with one check so collecting money as the orders roll in can save time and confusion. Bring a list of who ordered what. People often forget what they ordered so to ensure that everyone gets their proper order, lists are helpful.

The bottom portion of the page lists our Party Platters.

These are very popular for happy hour mingling events. Each platter feeds approximately 20 people. We ask that we have the party platter order no later than 5 pm the evening before your gathering. The price listed includes the individual platter and tax.

For a better idea on the size of the platters here is a little extra info:

Cheese and Veggie Platters are 16” trays. Chicken Fingers and Chicken Wings have about 60 pieces per platter. Chicken Quesadilla and Sandwich platter have 42 portions (condiments on side) Nachos, Spinach Dip and Shepherd’s Pie platters are approximately 10 times the portion off of the regular menu

If you are unsure about the amount of food to order, there are four platters that we can add after the start of the party and they are:

Irish Nachos, Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Chicken Fingers and Chicken Wings

If you have questions or need help making choices please give us a call. Sin e’ Irish Pub & Restaurant 703.415.4420

click here to view the Arlington Large Party Menu