Siné Irish Pub & Restaurant (Arlington location) is tucked away in the courtyard of Pentagon Row Shopping Plaza in Arlington, Virginia.  Located so close to the DC line and surrounded by modern high-rise apartments and condos, Siné has become a popular watering hole for both neighbors and tourists visiting the area.   Built in 2001, Siné was under construction when a plane was flown into the Pentagon located just a quarter of a mile away on September 11th.  Both the ground and the people in area were shaken and the opening was pushed back until February of 2002. Once the doors did open, neighbors flocked in to find a warm welcoming neighborhood pub; a place so desperately needed in South Arlington.  Throughout the spacious dining rooms and bar are touches from the motherland.  The architect, painters and furniture all came from Ireland, and relics collected over the years adorn shelves and cabinets throughout Siné.  Even great thought went into the private “snugs” (aka booths) which are very typical in old pubs in Ireland.  These booths were created to give the diners a little more privacy often so that women could partake in the consumption of alcohol back when such a thing was frowned upon. Even with all the little touches from Ireland, this public house is also very representative of its surroundings.  The DC metropolitan area is a melting pot of people all of whom flock to Siné.  Every culture knows an Irish Pub is where you go to eat drink and feel welcomed.  Sin é is Gaelic for “this is it” as in this is the place to be for that warm welcome and great food. With 18 beers on draft and a large diverse menu, there is always something for everyone at this restaurant.  Irish favorites like corned beef & cabbage, fish & chips, shepherd’s pie and Guinness can be found along with burgers, salads, steaks and sandwiches.  Closed only for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day (and random acts of God) this Irish Pub & Restaurant is the place to be 363 days a year.